Corbin Residence

William R. Frizzell

"Our home was designed by architect William R. Frizzell and built during 1956 by Mr. Alvin Allen.

High clerestory windows with large overhangs allowed light to pass from the living and dining room into the kitchen, taking full advantage of the Florida sunshine but without the heat and, making the house seem larger. Cypress paneling throughout provided insulation and ambience. Terrazzo floors were the style and they kept the floor cool for bare feet.

The house had floor to ceiling jalousie windows and across the entire width of the back glass sliding doors – when open they allowed a cross breeze to flow freely through the house. We would sleep with the windows cranked wide open. In the evenings as we lay in bed I remember the wind blowing the curtains. I loved to hear the rain and the thunder as a summer storm would pass over - Mother always said it would cool the house down.

Initially, the house was without central air conditioning but Mr. Frizzell encouraged my parents to plan ahead by installing metal ductwork and an a/c closet during construction. He knew air conditioning was the future."

Memories of growing up in a mid-century modern home by Ginny Corbin Henderson

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